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The Definitive Peter Pilotto for Target Attack Plan, From Racked's First-Ever Collaboration Correspondent

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Photo: Courtesy of Alysha Kett

Meet Alysha Kett. And don't let her adorableness (or the puppy) disarm you. Chicago statistician by day, Kett is a collaboration warrior by night. She is meticulous about getting what she wants from the big designer collaborations with H&M and Target, and—lucky us— she's willing to share her tips.

We first met Kett when she sent us a detailed report of her experience shopping the Isabel Marant x H&M collection, and we kind of fell in love. So, we asked her to come on board as Racked Chicago's first-ever collaboration correspondent, and boy were we delighted when she accepted.

But enough of of the love fest: Let's talk strategy. Below, Kett divulges her expert tips for shopping Peter Pilotto at Target on Sunday. And if you want your pick of these items, you'd better take notes (and set your alarm clock for 1:30 a.m. on Sunday.) This girl's prowess gives us chill-otos.

Photo: via Racked Los Angeles

Shop Online The Night (Er, Early Morning) Before:
I almost have my attack down to a science! First, I updated my Target account and created a Net-a-Porter account so that addresses, passwords, etc. are all set up. It appears that Target now accepts PayPal, so if anyone feels a little nervous in the wake of the data breach, this is an option. Target usually uploads stuff online in the middle of the night, so I also have an alarm set for 1:30 AM on Sunday morning. I've found that I've had more luck online than in stores with Target because a lot of times there are limited items that only come to certain stores and it lets you get a nice look at the online exclusives. I've made a few lists, although I would suggest that people track down the full look book. (There's one on on Racked National.) For some weird reason in the gallery on Target's website they've actually left out a few pieces, like some of the alternate colorways and a few pieces. And really, do we need to know what the front and back of a one piece tank suit looks like? Be patient, refresh, and pay attention to the social media accounts for Target and Net-a-Porter as they will sometimes give hints and responses to questions.

Try to Hit the Suburban Stores
I will be shopping in the suburbs. I have a system down where a friend takes me to Target in return for me buying breakfast later. If you go to the Target Style Facebook page, they have posted a store list. Usually there are shorter lines, fewer people, and more things that go to the clearance rack. The one possible upside to this cold winter is that lines will hopefully be a bit more sparse and getting to the store an hour ahead of time will be plenty of time.

Grab a Larger Size
I always wear separates for these things [to try on with the clothes.] I know that sounds sort of silly, but I'm almost positive that I can't pull off the power clashing from the ads, but I do think that the pieces could be totally work appropriate if styled a bit differently. Wait around by dressing rooms to see if there are any extra sizes laying around. Target collaborations tend to run small, so I always try to size up one size and use previous pieces for reference. Target will most likely not restock any items, but there will be returns that could come in, so keep looking if you missed out.

There's Hope for Clearance
As you are leaving, take a look at the racks. If there's a lot of a certain item sitting there, chances are there will still be a lot of that item that will go on clearance. For example, in the Phillip Lim collection I liked the black dress with beaded neck detail—it has pockets!—but I wasn't fawning over it on the day of the launch and it certainly wasn't in my must list. I noticed that the dresses weren't flying off of the shelves. I managed to snag that dress and the animal print skirt about a month after the launch for 70% off. Since these collections are limited, they go on sale fairly quickly after their release. It's a little tedious looking for the stuff, but it's totally worth it if you can snag some great pieces.

Don't Overlook the Bathing Suits
For some reason I have really liked the bathing suits from collaborations and I like the ones for this as well. I think it's a nice and perfectly accessible way to try out some of the crazy prints and plus—a cute bathing suit! The addition of the rash guards, towels, and sunglasses is great. They'd make a great set to have for the summer.
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