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Here's Where Kim Kardashian Would Work Out In Highland Park

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 Photo: via Facebook
Photo: via Facebook

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The Lagree Method is a high-intensity workout that has fans such as Kim Kardashian and Michelle Obama (and yep—that may be the last time you see those two names in the same sentence.) Newly open in Highland Park, The Studio Powered by Lagree Fitness lets locals experiment with the star-approved workout. Before you tie on your Nikes, though, here's a quick primer:

The method was developed by Sebastien Lagree, a personal trainer who has a pretty famous set of clientele (Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Aniston, the list goes on.) Based on the practices of Pilates and conducted on the "Lagree Method Megaformer" machine, the workout lasts 50-minutes. It blends Pilates practices with strength, core, circuit training, cardio, and stretching, and is said to tone and strengthen both men and women. It also sounds distinctly like a no-joke scenario—the press release billed this as an "aggressive," "efficient" workout that "gets your heart pumping like no other."

Want to give it a whirl? Single classes are $35, and packages are also available. Take a look at the schedule here, and let us know if you've ever tried this workout. We're curious to know just how intense this Megareformer is.
· The Studio Powered by Lagree [Official Site]

The Studio Powered by Lagree Fitness

539 Elm Place, Highland Park, IL