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Hey Lorde, What Are You Wearing Tonight?

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 Photos: Top via Facebook; rest courtesy of Nicole Marét
Photos: Top via Facebook; rest courtesy of Nicole Marét

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[Ed's Note: This story was originally published on March 18, 2014]Lorde performs at the Aragon Ballroom tonight, and—in case she hasn't picked out an ensemble—we'd like to introduce her to local designer Nicole Marét. We think they have a lot in common, including a penchant for edgy black pieces. So, we hereby attempt to style Lorde.

Lorde, meet Nicole. She's the designer behind the feminine but goth-tinged collection THE ØRDER, and she's a big fan. "Lorde is so fabulous," she told us. "I would love to see her in my garments." She selected a few of her pieces that she thinks she thinks would be perfect for the young singer, and sent along photos along with descriptions. Check them out, below. (And take note, Lorde fans: these looks work for you, too.)

· THE ØRDER [Official Site]