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J. Crew Moves—Across The Hall

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 Photo: Courtesy of the 900 Shops
Photo: Courtesy of the 900 Shops

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Chicago retailers are taking giant leaps across short spaces this week. First, we got the news that Virtu is moving across the street; now, we hear that J. Crew at the 900 Shops has relocated across the hall. (Thank you, tipster, for the early heads up.)

Still on Level 2, the new store has a Wedding Preview boutique and a Ludlow suit shop for men. "It's large, but sectioned off into smaller, boutique-feeling spaces that house men's and women's fashions," said a rep for the 900 Shops. Each section has subsections for accessories, denim, and beachwear, and the spring collection has already hit the floor.
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900 North Michigan Shops

900 N Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611 Visit Website

The 900 Shops

900 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL