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Where To Shop For Paczki Today

 Photo: AFP/Getty Images
Photo: AFP/Getty Images

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Though doughnut shopping isn't an everyday affair (if only), everyone in Chicago seems to be after paczki today. (Or maybe that's just our Facebook feed?) Luckily, DNA Info has rounded up a list of spots where you can score the pre-Lent treats, and we hereby share the doughnut grail with you. Consider it a National Paczki Day gift.

This list of 20-some bakeries includes which flavors of paczki are available at each. In Norwood Park, Oven Fresh Bakery sells the treats in pineapple and rosehip, while Glazed & Infused carries mixed-berry and vanilla-cream variations. Each featured location will offer paczki through today, but it's best to call ahead to make sure that the flavor you're craving is still in stock.
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