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Neighborly's Event Series Offers a Genius Solution For Lack of Retail Space

 Photo: via Yelp
Photo: via Yelp

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Ravenswood shop Neighborly will host the third installment of its "House Guests" event series tomorrow, and showcase plush, eco-friendly wares from local home-goods line Earth Cadets. "We started the event series for a couple reasons," says store co-founder Jenny Beorkrem. "One, we're so limited in space in the store, but we often like all of the products our vendors make and have such a hard time deciding what to select to carry in store. House Guests is a way for a maker to come to the shop, be under the spotlight for the afternoon, and let them show off a lot more of their products than are normally carried at Neighborly."

Photo: Ork Posters
The second reason? Beorkrem also runs Ork Posters, and loves participating in craft fairs and meeting customers in person. Inspired by that personal interaction, "we wanted to create a more intimate event for fans of the products at Neighborly. [The event series lets them] connect with the person that actually made it, and hear more of the story about the product. I think it's a fun thing, to be able to say you met the person that made an object or piece of artwork that you have in your house."
Photo: courtesy of Earth Cadets
This weekend's guest maker is Krissy Callahan, who will showcase bright, peppy goods made in her Chicago studio (pictured above.) Included: pillows in new color combinations, tote bags, baby onesies, and kid shirts. "You can count on lots of graphic patterns, fun characters, cheeky and cute slogans, and a little bit of Chicago pride," Callahan says.
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