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Help Fund A Coffeemaker That Elevates the Art of Caffienating

 Photo: Courtesy of Manual
Photo: Courtesy of Manual

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Convenience may be king for many, but not for Craighton Berman. The Chicago-based designer has a line of housewares called Manual, which he describes as "a new brand at the intersection of slow food and design." Sculptural products include Pinch, a salt and pepper set that brings sea salt to the tabletop, and a sharpener jar, which collects pencil shavings from "the journaling chef." (Berman's ideal customer takes a measured, thoughtful approach to cooking, and is just the type of chef who would jot down notes as he stirs sauces and tosses in herbs.)

Manual's latest project is a pour-over coffeemaker "designed to elevate the ritual of making coffee by hand." Just pour hot water over fresh ground coffee, and the hot drink slowly drips into a carafe or a mug. The piece is being funded on Kickstarter through Friday, so consider donating if you'd like to add a little ritual back into your morning coffee routine.
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