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"King of Vintage" Cameron Silver on The Best Celebrities to Style, Throwback Bars

 Photo: Courtesy of Cameron Silver
Photo: Courtesy of Cameron Silver

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Modern Vintage Chicago returns to Randolph Street Market this weekend. The event will offer its typical glamorous fare—think glitzy costume jewelry, gauzy dresses, and designer finds from the likes of Vivienne Westwood. But this weekend's event has something extra special.

Cameron Silver, the so-called "king of vintage" and founder of the Los Angeles store Decades (you may remember it from this Bravo show?) will be on hand to sign books, dispatch style advice, and showcase some new, old goods from his store. We chatted with Silver as he prepared for his Chicago trip; here's what he had to say.

Photo: Yves Saint Laurent heart necklace from Decades, c. 1982

What's the oddest thing someone has tried to consign at Decades?
The oddest things are normally just super ugly. There must be a piece a day that hurts to look at, but I smile it away and politely decline.

You work with so many vintage-loving stars. Who's the most fun celebrity to style?
Chloë Sevigny is so cool, and not afraid.

Photo: Yves Saint Laurent "Mondrian" day dress, via
What's your 'vintage white whale?' In other words, if you could get your hands on one piece from anyone's close, what would it be?
A Mondrian YSL dress.

What's your favorite era of vintage clothing, overall?
I love the 1970s for effortless and ultra-sexy Studio 54 styles.

What are your favorite places to step back in time through cocktails or music?
In L.A., I am fond of Musso & Frank or Tower Bar. I no longer patronize the Beverly Hills Hotel because of the ownership of the Sultan of Brunei and his UN-condemned legislation of stoning to death.

A little twist on the old dream-dinner-party question: If you could help some historical figures shop, who would it be and what would you dress them in?
This one is tough as my faves from the past are all so chic! But maybe Cary Grant and Noël Coward. Ultimately, I would watch what they choose and learn from their brilliance. My own twist!

Is there any body type that should steer clear of wearing vintage?
Dress your decade. There's a decade for every body type. Come see me [at Modern Vintage] and I will explain.

What's your favorite store in Chicago?
I love Gallery Aesthete—cool stuff.
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Randolph Street Market

1340 West Washington Street, Chicago, IL