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A Meaty Gift Idea for Father's Day

 Photo: Tête Charcuterie
Photo: Tête Charcuterie

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We've had a barrage of necktie and golf-equipment promotions flood our inbox for the past few weeks, and those are of course solid ideas for Father's Day gifts. But this idea seems a little meatier—and more original—than the rest.

Tête Charcuterie, the new restaurant in the West Loop, has a gift basket ($45) filled with house-made sausages, house-made pickles, and a gift card. You can mix and match sausages, with flavor options including salty, savory, or spicy, and the packages ship out anywhere. Order them now through June 6 by calling 312-733-1178. And, if you're looking for a little picnic fare for the weekend, go ahead and pick one up for yourself.
· Tête Charcuterie [Eater Chicago]