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Alessandra Ambrosio Tells Us How to "Enjoy Everything"

 Photo: Victoria's Secret
Photo: Victoria's Secret

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Victoria's Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio popped by the brand's flagship store on Michigan Avenue yesterday. After chitchatting about the new Knockout by Victoria's Secret Sport Bra ("I love the name, and that it zips up the front" she said), the Brazilian star took some time to speak with us one-on-one. Here's what she had to say about cooking out, her personal style, and the mantra she lives by: "Forever on Vacation." To get the full effect, picture everything Ambrosio says in a charming Brazilian accent.

Victoria's Secret Angels are some of my personal beauty icons—who are yours?
I think my beauty icons are Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren. Those two, definitely. I see pictures of them and they always inspire me. And I like Brooke Shields too.

All right, some brunettes! What's a beauty tip that you've picked up from a fellow Victoria's Secret Angel?
From a fellow Angel? (considers) I don't know. I usually get beauty tips from the makeup artists we work with at Victoria's Secret.

Well, do you have a favorite Victoria's Secret beauty product?
I do—I really love the bronzers. They [add] this beautiful shimmer after [you've been in the] sun so it's really nice, and you can put it on before and after [sun exposure.] The whole Beach Sexy collection that they have is pretty amazing. There's one that's a spray for the hair that's really good, too. You put it on before a day at the beach and it untangles your hair, and almost makes it rise a little bit. I love all those products.

Photo: Victoria's Secret

Tell me something: how do you maintain your personal "Forever on Vacation" philosophy when you're constantly working?
Well, you know, enjoy everything! Try to enjoy whatever you're doing. Think in a positive way. Whatever you're doing, you're supposed to be there—that's for you. And even if it's something you don't enjoy that much, you have to go through that. You're learning. I think that's the thing in life: sometimes we don't want to be in certain situations, but we're actually learning so we don't have to go through it again.

You always look like you're having so much fun.
Well, I do. And I surround myself with people that I like, who are friends. So I'm always having a good time. Even if I'm working, I'm having the best time.

Photo: Driely S.

You travel a ton—in the last few months, we've seen snaps of you at Coachella and at the amFAR gala, and all over the world. Where do you feel most at home, and most yourself?
Definitely when I'm with my kids at home. We can just be, and we just put on bathing suits and go hang out at the pool. I get some friends, I get the family, and I can just be myself.

Of all the shoots you've appeared in—for magazines and TV and everything you do—which shoot most reflected your personal style?
As a Brazilian, I love swimsuits. So every time I shoot with Victoria's Secret Swim, I really enjoy it. That's my style: being in a bikini the whole day, on a beautiful beach. That's me! That's my favorite!

Photo: Alessandra Ambrosio via Instagram
In keeping with beach culture, you seem to know your way around a grill. What's your specialty?
I love Brazilian barbecue, and it's just easy. Just cut the meat, put on a bit of thick salt, and let it grill. It turns out to be really yummy.
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