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Learn "Summer Bombshell" Makeup With Illamasqua

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 Photo: Illamasqua Velvet Blusher in Flirtatious
Photo: Illamasqua Velvet Blusher in Flirtatious

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We've been intrigued by British makeup brand Illamasqua since our pals at PixiWoo told us it's the bomb (balm?) Now, it has its own flashy counter at Bloomingdale's, and free makeup classes to boot. On Sunday, pop by the 900 Shops to get smoky-eye tips and pick out colors to match your complexion. Or, as reps for the brand put it: "learn to channel your inner bombshell." Beauty School Drop-In classes will be in session at 2 p.m. and then again at 4.

We wanted to learn a little more about the brand that's about to make us a bombshell (we hope), so we lobbed a few questions at its International Trainer, Ross Andrewartha. Get the scoop, below.

Illamasqua's Essential Brush Set

How rare is it to find Illamasqua in the U.S.—is it relatively new to the states?
Illamasqua is available at so it's very easy for consumers to get here in the states. We also have six counters at Bloomingdale's with locations in New York, New Jersey, Miami, Chicago and Glendale, California.

What's a quick brand primer for the newbie?
Illamasqua is an artistry brand that is accessible and available to the consumer. The brand celebrates self-expression through makeup, color and high quality products.

What is Illamasqua best known for?
Illamasqua is best known for professional, long-lasting and highly pigmented formulations and delivering a makeup experience like no other in retail. In our color range our blushes and lipsticks are unlike any other brand, offering everything from playful nudes to bold turquoise lips. Once you try Illamasqua you aren't likely to turn back! We have "Fans," not "Customers." We are also known as one of the first brands in Beauty to embrace social media and have a loyal following on all of our platforms and a steady beauty blogger fan-base network.

At a glance, this line looks bold, fun, and daring. Is there also something in it for those who approach makeup a little conservatively?
Absolutely. Illamasqua is all about self-expression, whether that may be avant-garde or a more classic look for all ages, races, and genders. The colors and formulations in the range are blend-able and build-able, so you can go as bold or as subtle as you choose. We want people to play with color and have the confidence to be a bit more daring, yet still feel comfortable whether that means wearing one of our flawless bases or one of our more extreme lipstick shades.

What is one Illamasqua product that should be in everyone's makeup bag at all times?
Skin Base Foundation! It is a multi-purpose formula that can be used as a primer, liquid concealer or full coverage foundation that just melts into the skin for a flawless finish. It is one of the widest ranges of foundation, so there is a shade to match every skin tone. We also just introduced new Skin Base Mixers that can be added to Skin Base Foundation to highlight or add warmth and depth to the skin. They are great for perfecting the contoured look that everyone is talking about.

What is the signature style of Illamasqua's makeup artists?
There is really no one signature style. Each Illamasqua artist has a unique personality and style that they showcase through the versatility of the brand.

Does the brand have any celebrity fans?
Courtney Love, Rita Ora, The Saturdays to name a few.

Finally, what can we expect on Sunday at Bloomingdale's?
Lots of sexy, sultry makeup for summer! Beauty School Drop-In is great for all make-up enthusiasts from beginner to pro. Our artists are here to show you the tricks of the trade and answers all your make-up questions. This summer's Bombshell theme will be nothing short of glamorous!
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