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Magnolia Bakery's Chief Baking Officers Tells Us How to Ace a Cake Tasting

 Photos: Magnolia's tiered wedding cakes
Photos: Magnolia's tiered wedding cakes

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It's easy to get carried away by the champagne, sugar, and mounds of buttercream at a wedding cake tasting. But don't forget: you're there to make some serious decisions. To guide you in the process of confection selection, Magnolia Bakery's chief baking office Bobbie Lloyd told us the top five questions couples should ask. Get some sweet advice, below—and keep in mind, Magnolia has its own line of tiered wedding cakes.

Question 1: Make sure to check out examples of the cake-maker's previous work, to make sure that the cake suits your style. Ask: "Do you have a portfolio of designs? How would you describe your design style?"

Question 2: Want a traditional white cake, or are you more of a lemon-poppyseed type? When picking a cake, remember that the world of wedding cake flavors isn't limited to chocolate and vanilla. Lloyd says to always ask: "What cake and icing flavors do you offer?"

Question 3: Groom's cakes—a sweet tradition that has Southern roots—are making a comeback. The cakes, which traditionally have a more masculine style, are normally presented the groom as a gift from the bride (or other groom!) Lloyd suggests asking bakeries if they create groom's cakes, as not all do.

Question 4: Make sure the icing on top is just the way you like it. "Do you offer fondant and/or Buttercream" is one of Lloyd's must-ask questions.

Question 5: Do some digging as to how fresh your cake will be. Lloyd says to ask: "How much in advance of the wedding date do you make the cake?" Note that some bakeries make wedding cakes well in advance and freeze them.
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