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Spritz! How to Choose a Perfume for Your Wedding Day

 Photos: <a href="">via</a> Olfactif
Photos: via Olfactif

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Olfactif, the subscription-based service that sends out gift sets of niche perfumes, has a new Wedding Collection. Holding three, elegantly wrapped samples of perfume, the set contains dreamy scents with notes like sandalwood, bourbon vanilla, and orange blossom. The collection makes a great gift for brides (there's even an option to wrap it up in a satin ribbon that reflects her wedding color). And—if you're a bride—it's a way to test out a few scents before committing to the one you'll spritz on as your maid of honor adjusts your veil.

Speaking of selecting a scent, we asked Olfactif founder Tara Swords (a Racked Chicago pal) to share her tips for doing so. Here's what she had to say:

1. Wear a special scent that you don't wear all the time.
Some brides want to wear a fragrance that's tried and true on their wedding day. If that works for you, great—go for it. But I'd suggest approaching your wedding day fragrance the same way you approach the dress and everything else: Go for something special. Scent has the added perk of being a shortcut to memory. So while you won't wear your wedding dress for anniversaries and date nights after you're married, you can wear the perfume. One spritz—even years later—will evoke memories of that happy day.

2. Look for something rare.
Sure, you could wear a popular fragrance from the department store. But for a day as special as your wedding day, it's fun to explore scents that are unique. Look for something that you feel captures your essence and doesn't smell like every other person you pass on the street. Niche perfume is a great place to look, because most niche artists do their work with more creative freedom than mainstream brands can. Big-name brands create trendy scents that can be a little boring, while niche perfumers value quality and originality.

3. Keep it in season.
Lots of fragrances can be worn year-round, but you might want to keep heavier, spicier scents for late fall and winter weddings.

4. Get a sample size so you can reapply throughout the day.
All fragrances fade over time, so what you sprayed on your neck at noon won't smell the same at 6 p.m. Keep a little extra on hand to refresh your scent once or twice.

5. Never buy blind.
Your best friend loves it? Your mom says it seems like something you'll love? Don't take their word for it. Always test a scent multiple times before buying it—and certainly before deciding to wear it on a day as important as your wedding day.
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