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Claudio Riaz's First Mascara Doubles as Eyeliner

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Welcome to our new beauty series brush up, which pairs new products with the perfect brushes.

Photo: Courtesy of Claudio Riaz

International makeup artist Claudio Riaz (who's based right here in Chicago) has a new mascara that gives lashes some added luster. The Instant Lash Touch Mascara ($65) is designed to give lashes a lush, glossy look. "It's highly pigmented rich black, and has the ability to condition the lashes so that they look and feel silky smooth, soft and fluttery," Riaz told us. The product, which contains hyluronic acid, also can be used as eyeliner.

And, the mascara plays well with other products. "Because of its lacquer-black color and smooth creaminess, Lash Touch mascara is an ideal top coat to add definition and intensity to any mascara used underneath," Riaz said.

Riaz is also known for his brushes, and he developed a special tool to apply his black, glossy new mascara.

The fan-shaped Lash Touch brush ($65) is designed to separate the lashes, build volume, and remove excess mascara as it works. "It also allows you to layer the mascara for more definition and impact without the lashes clumping together or going into disarray," Riaz said (horray to the end of spider lashes!) "I love to use it when I'm creating a polished, natural look or when I need to precisely define the lashes so that they can take center stage.

How to use the fan? "It's easy to use," says Riaz. "Simply (a) swipe the mascara formula from the wand onto the Lash Touch brush, (b) hold the brush vertically and (c) paint the mascara onto the lashes from the inside and out, as you would a mascara wand. It will give your lashes a fuller, darker look and a longer-lasting finish." To use the mascara formula as eyeliner, just swap out the lash brush for the Liquid Liner brush.
· Claudio Riaz [Official Site]