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Dress to Beat Crime in Chicago: Tips From Corri McFadden

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 Photo: Lynn Conway
Photo: Lynn Conway

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eDrop-Off founder Corri McFadden is known for her fashion expertise, but the chic business owner also has a deep interest in fighting crime (fun fact: she once wanted to become a Chicago cop.) At work, McFadden encourages her employees to dress for safety—no eDrop-Off staffer wears teetering stilettos for nighttime walks to the El on McFadden's watch. Here, she shares her best-practice tips for dressing safely as a woman on-the-go in Chicago.

Corri McFadden's Fashion Safety Tips:

Store flat shoes in your purse
Always carry a pair of flats in your bag, especially when walking by yourself at night. Those five-inch heels are cute but they literally make you a walking target, making it harder to get away from a dangerous situation. So ditch the heels. Your feet will certainly appreciate it.

Stilettos Double as a Defense Mechanism
Now that you've carefully tucked away those stilettos, in the event that you do find yourself in a tricky situation, that five-inch heel becomes an instant tool to defend yourself. Nothing hurts more than a stiletto to the eye!

Crossbody Bags
By switching from a handbag to a crossbody bag, it makes it easier to protect your belongs and harder for someone to snatch. I follow this tip when traveling in unfamiliar places. Tourists are always targets in big cities, but by using a crossbody, you can enjoy the sites and keep a better hold on your belongings.

Put the Bling Away
Jewelry is a necessity to any outfit, but keep in mind your surroundings when wearing expensive or flashy jewelry. You'd rather be safe than sorry, so tuck necklaces away, remove large cuffs, or turn ring bands around so you don't attract unwanted attention— especially while using public transportation or walking alone.

An App that Keeps You Safe
Combing all these elements above, being safe is always fashionable—but this new app can add an invisible safety net. Simply put, Lifeline Response is an app that works similar to a house alarm and when triggered, authorities and your top three emergency contacts will be alerted that you are in trouble, with your exact location! By holding your finger on the app during your walk home or setting a timer to when you should arrive at your destination, the app works as your personal watch guard.
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