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This Six-Week Program is Like Rehab for Abs

 Photo: Helios Center for Movement
Photo: Helios Center for Movement

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What are you doing on Saturday at 11 a.m.? If you want to start tackling that "getting better abs" project, cancel brunch plans and call up Helios Center for Movement. Sounds fun, right? (Actually, it is.)

This week, the Roscoe Village Pilates studio launches its six-week "Ab Rehab" program. Designed for anyone, but especially for moms, the classes focus on pelvic floor exercises, core awareness, and breathing techniques. Need a bit of inspiration while you tuck and hold? Take a look at Teacher Julia Molyboga, who's a mother of three herself. The program costs $90.
· Helios Center for Movement [Official Site]

Helios Center for Movement

2258 West Belmont Avenue, Chicago, IL