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Catt Sadler on "The Holy Grail of Bronzers," Johnny Depp Encounters

 Photos: Courtesy of Simply Stylist
Photos: Courtesy of Simply Stylist

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E! News anchor Catt Sadler blew into town this weekend to host Simply Stylist—a day of networking and fashion inspiration—at the Dana Hotel & Spa. We nabbed a few minutes to chat with the Indiana-born TV personality; here's what she had to say on styling, singing, and Johnny Depp.

Welcome back to Chicago! In honor of "Simply Stylist," what are some tips you've picked up from celebrity stylists?
Balance is key, so it's important to know what silhouettes look best on your particular body type. I have to be careful that clothes don't consume me—and by that I mean, I have small shoulders and small boobs. Too much fabric and heavy textures can swallow me. It's been fun collaborating with stylists over the years. I've learned that the smallest tweaks or adjustments can make a world of difference as to how you are perceived. This is especially important because I'm on TV. Fashion definitely extends beyond what you're attracted to—it must work with your every inch. I've also learned that if I'm hesitating, don't force it. That always leads to regret.

Photo: The Simply Stylist Panel

You have two adorable sons. Do you ever play stylist to them? What's back-to-school shopping like with a style maven mom?
It's fun to help dress my boys because in many ways they're different Austin is 13, so he's pretty particular on what he will and will not wear. He has dark hair and dark eyes with the most gorgeous long black lashes. Bright colors look fantastic on him. His style is sporty meets super-hero, so he rocks a very original look. He'll wear a Batman tee shirt with neon Nike Elite socks. Too cute! Arion is only nine, but he has even more of an imagination when it comes to clothes. I convinced him to wear this adorable floral-print dress shirt for Easter this year. He'll mix and match prints and not think anything of it. I love his adventurous spirit! It's definitely reflected in the way he dresses.

Any trends or labels you're loving for fall for yourself?
Nadia Tarr, Sass and Bide, and Milly by Michelle always seem to hit the mark. I recently discovered Nili Lotan—beautiful casual wear. I'm like every other female and don't know what I'd do without H&M, Topshop, and Zara. Celine, Chanel, and Balenciaga will forever be my favorite luxury brands.

On your website The Cattwalk, you describe yourself as a "product hoarder." Which product are you currently obsessed with slash hoarding?
Too Faced Cosmetics makes something called The Little Black Book of Bronzers and it features eight different beautiful shades. I swear it is The Holy Grail of bronzers. Invest!

Which products do you always travel with?
I always travel with Kiehl's moisturizer for body, and my Murad washes, serums, and creams. I especially like Murad's new Skin Smoothing Polish. I feel like that keeps my skin radiant even when I'm traveling.

You also confess to being an "active karaoke participant" on your site. What's your go-to jam?
"Sweet Child O' Mine," Guns N Roses.

Photo: Simply Stylist Founder Sarah Boyd and Catt Sadler

You have a dream job! What was your favorite story to report on E! News, and what was the most difficult?
I'm a total sucker for awards shows. I grew up watching the Academy Awards dreaming of the day I would make it to Hollywood. Now I'm here, front and center, witnessing those extraordinary couture creations and the A-list stars in person. I pinch myself ALL. THE. TIME. For me, it will always feel unnatural to pry and ask celebrities about things I know they don't want to discuss, even though it's my job to try.

What has been your most unusual or memorable celebrity encounter at work?
Johnny Depp at the first Pirates premiere. Johnny Depp at the Transcendence premiere. Johnny Depp at the Secret Window junket. Johnny Depp on a Wednesday or Friday. Doesn't really matter. Johnny Depp exchanges will always reign the most memorable.

Any favorite spots to hit up in Chicago?
I'm so out of the Chicago loop sadly! I used to come all the time when I lived in Indianapolis. I need to create some new memories this visit. I trust the Simply Stylist attendees will give me some direction. Having said that, for me, Chicago is about the people. Everyone is so warm, friendly, fun, relaxed. I've never had a dull time in this city because of them! [Ed's Note: Saddler ended up swinging by Nellcote, RM Champagne Salon, and The Underground while she was in town.]
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The Dana Hotel and Spa

660 North State Street, Chicago, IL