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Wow! Nordstrom Just Bought Trunk Club

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 Photo: Trunk Club
Photo: Trunk Club

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This just in: Nordstrom said today that it will buy Trunk Club, the local men's clothing service. According to Crain's Chicago Business (and The New York Times), Trunk Club will stay based in Chi-town, and it will keep its current team of leaders. So far, that's about all the details we've got—the price was not disclosed, and the results of the acquisition were teased in corporate lingo involving the phrases "strategic priorities," "superior customer service" and "seamless shopping experience."

We do have one bit of info not in Crain's, though: we hear that the Trunk Club team was celebrating at The Underground last night. Now we now why.
· Nordstrom announces it will buy Trunk Club [Crain's Chicago Business]