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Here's How to Get Fit (or at Least Avoid Corn Dogs) at The Taste of Chicago

 Photo: Taste of Chicago via Facebook
Photo: Taste of Chicago via Facebook

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Taste of Chicago starts today in Grant Park, and if you're wondering why we're highlighting the corn dog-laden festival in this week's Workout Wednesday feature...well, let us explain.

Sure, the event has stuffed pizza and cheesecake to spare (this is America), but there are also actually-healthy items, and Humana is committed to helping festival guests make good choices. The healthcare company, which has a tent on Taste of Chicago grounds, has a list of restaurants serving appetizers for under 320 calories, main courses for under 500, and desserts for under 320. Just saying: there are mini red velvet cupcakes on that list.

The company's also created a Taste of Chicago workout (okay, it can be a stroll if you want.) Here's how it works: Download the free Charity Miles app and select a cause you'd like to give back to. Then, walk, bike, or run around the course outlined in the app, and Humana will donate $.25 to the charity for each mile you cover.

We also asked Dr. Neal Fischer MD, Humana's Regional Medial Director, to give us some general tips for navigating the muddy waters of food festivals all summer. His rules of thumb are below.

Dr. Fischer's Tips for Eating Healthy at Taste of Chicago
· Look for the baked options versus fried
· Select items that use fresh fruit and vegetables in their recipes
· Season your Taste of Chicago dish with herbs, spices or olive oil or vinegar versus high salt and high fat condiments like mayonnaise and ketchup
· When you're craving sweets, try fresh fruit or a frozen yogurt—particularly refreshing in the warm weather
· Last but not least, check for the Humana Healthier Choices Green Apple logo for items lower in sodium, fat and calories
· Taste of Chicago [Official Site]
· Humana [Official Site]

Grant Park

337 E Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60601 (312) 742-3918 Visit Website

Grant Park

337 East Randolph Street, Chicago, IL