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Three Reasons to Get Excited Linda Rodin Is Coming to Chicago

Image via <a href="">The Coveteur</a>
Image via The Coveteur

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Once described on The Coveteur as "the embodiment of eternal cool", Linda Rodin is the beauty expert of the skin care world. Lucky for us, the acclaimed innovator will be coming to Chicago for exclusive event unveiling her new perfume, RODIN bis.

Rodin has just finished headlining a modeling gig of pre-Fall for The Row. So naturally, that means a stop in the windy city for the release of her new scent at Space519 on September 3rd. Don't know about Ms. Rodin? Read on: You'll love her.

1. She's the creator of the beauty cult classic Olio Lusso
Models, fashion and beauty editors, makeup artists, and celebrities all swear by this magical skin concoction. Made from pure oils, this elixir adds radiance and smoothness to the skin almost instantly. And how did she make it? Not in a lab, with smoking Bunsen burners and bubbling beakers, but in her bathroom by with playing around with essentials oils in a single teacup. We've all done that, and never came up with a face oil as amazing as that.

2. She knows the business from all the angles
Rodin started in the modeling industry in the '60s and did a stint as a Harper's Bazaar fashion editor in the 80s, so she really knows fashion. So much, in fact, she has styled some big-name celebrities: Adriana Lima, Madonna, and Gisele Bundchen, to name just a few.

3. She knows who she is—and is damn proud of it.
Having been in the business and watched young models getting the Photostop treatment at 20, Rodin knows what it's like to constantly dwell on looks. "I'm never going to look younger; it's a folly," she told Huffington Post. "At the end of the day, I'm not going to fix anything, so I might as well embrace it." Ain't that the truth?!

Space for the event is limited, so RSVP today:—Taneisha Jordan
· Olio Lusso [Official Site]
· Space519 [Official Site]


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