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Your Guide to Shopping Altuzarra for Target in Chicago

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Image via Target
Image via Target

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Almost every Target designer collection to date has been met with much excitement and frenzy. Remember when Phillip Lim for Target came out? With the demure looks of the Altuzarra for Target collection, we wonder if younger shoppers will skip out, but perhaps that's just wishful thinking. Whatever the case may be, it's always good to be prepared, so here's our guide to shopping Altuzarra for Target.

1. Pick Your Location
This is half the battle. Enter your zip code at the Altuzarra for Target landing page to find locations nearest you. The site will bring up no more than the four locations nearest you, so if you're looking to travel a bit to avoid fighting your neighbors for merch, check out the list of Target locations below and call head to confirm they will be in fact carrying the line.

A note about City Target, it's likely to attract a long line of people given its central loop location and accessibility. That said, the store also seems to have more merchandise than other locations, so styles may not run out as quickly. It's a gamble, but now you know the factors to consider.

Locations in and closest to the loop.
· City Target State Street, 1 S. State St.
· Target Division, 1200 N Larrabee St
· Target West Loop, 1101 W. Jackson Blvd.
· Target South Loop, 1154 S Clark St

Other Target locations in the Chicagoland:
· Target Bedford Park, 7100 S. Cicero Ave.
· Target Brickyard, 6525 W. Diversey Ave.
· Target McKinley, 1940 W. 33rd St.
· Target Mid North, 2939 W. Addison St.
· Target Near North, 2656 N. Elston Ave.
· Target Peterson Ave, 2112 W. Peterson Ave.
· Target Wilson Yard, 4466 N. Broadway St.
· Target Evanston, 2209 Howard St.
· Target Hoffman Estates Now With Fresh Grocery, 2800 N. Sutton Rd.
· Naperville SuperTarget, 1951 West Jefferson Ave.
· Target Rosemont, 7000 Manheim Rd.
· Warrenville SuperTarget, 28201 Diehl Rd.

2. Review the lookbook.
Once the doors open, it's easy to get lost in the swarms of people. Go through the complete Altuzarra lookbook and take note of your favorite pieces, so you can look for them as soon as you get in.

Our sister site reported the black pieces were the first to go. Granted it was New York, but in general, black and more basic colors tend to sellout more quickly in any city.

3. Arrive Early.
This almost goes without saying, but just a reminder, Target stores open at 8AM. Lines will start as early as 6AM. You should plan to be there 30 to 60 minutes in advance to get a good spot in line, and wear comfortable shoes for standing and briskly making your way through the store.

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