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Another Boutique Burglarized in Gold Coast

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Image via Google Maps
Image via Google Maps

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What's up with the all smash and grabs? We can all agree that Gold Coast is a nice and safe part of town, but in the early hours of the night, it seems to be suspect to theft. In April, Saint Laurent's display window was smashed with a baseball bat. In June, thieves broke into high-end children's clothing store Milani Boutique and stole estimated $20,000 worth of merchandise. Last month, thieves targeted Best Buy at John Hancock Center.

Now just earlier this week, Moncler in Gold Coast was burglarized around 3:30AM Monday morning. Chicago police say the thieves may have used a vehicle to smash into the store and grabbed racks of expensive coats before taking off. A doorwoman of a condo building nearby said she heard what sounded like a loud car crash and saw two dark-colored vehicles and a van near the store take off within minutes.
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